Background Screeners of America franchisee testimonials

“It really is pretty much as you said. After a few conversations with business people I have gotten quite comfortable and each new person I talk to is easier and easier. I am also happy to say that I have my first 2 clients lined up, a medical clinic and a large automobile dealer. Thank you for your continued assistance and support.”
J.V.  Background Screeners of America Franchisee

“The direct mail pieces are great. I just got my first client from a mail out. Offering the 3 free screenings is brilliant.”
L.W.  Background Screeners of America Franchisee

“I just signed up a client who lives over 1500 miles from me. It was early in my time zone and if they only knew I was still in my pajamas at the time. Try wearing your pajamas to somebody’s place of business and getting the deal. Working form home is the best unless you inherit money and don’t have to work at all. (ha ha)”
A.T. Background Screeners of America Franchisee

“I’m mad!!! As you may know, I am in my mid-fifties and I wish I had found this business when I was younger. Then again it didn’t exist until the technology became available. Thanks for the great training and continuing support.”
B.G. Background Screeners of America Franchisee

“Right from my first conversation in my exploration of the business with Jerry, I began to feel comfortable. I appreciated his patience and the way he explained things so thoroughly while never trying to sell me anything. Since the, I rate your training and support as excellent and I am very happy with my decision to be in this business.”
K.F.  Background Screeners of America Franchisee

“Nothing is perfect in this world, but being able to work from home and develop a business at my own pace is as they say, priceless. This has been as good as it gets. I had my doubts as I guess everybody does and I am glad I found the courage to move forward.”
R.W. Background Screeners of America Franchisee

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