Done In 1 Franchise

Done In 1 Call Logo SmallDONE In 1 is a young, dynamic, fast-growing company on its way to dominating yet another fragmented service-based industry.

Building on the proven 7 year, hyper-growth track record of our sister company, @Home Healthcare, Done In 1 is poised to build one of North America’s next great service brands.

Leveraging the knowledge, infrastructure, and relationships of @Home Healthcare, Done In 1 is building one of the fastest growing franchises in North America.


  1. Commercial and residential interior and exterior painting
  2. Extensive handyman services
  3. Commercial and residential cleaning
  4. Kitchen cabinet and counter top resurfacing
  5. Floor restoration
  6. Complete landscaping services


  • Brand Power: Join us in creating a powerful partnership: We help you build a successful entrepreneurial venture, integrating you into our streamlined Vonigo system, and you help us build a national brand.
  • Shared Success: Focus your ambition with our low cost, turn-key program and together, we’ll create something much bigger than any one of us could create alone.
  • Quality: We are building a high-performing, engaged and successful team. We will only partner with the most ambitious, drive-oriented entrepreneurs.
  • Achievement: Our goal is to create a powerhouse, nationally-admired brand while helping you achieve your financial and professional goals.


Done in 1 is revolutionizing customer service in the painting, handyman, and remodel business by setting the mark for service standards and professionalism in an industry that once operated without set rates, price lists or receipts.

  • Here at Done in 1, we pride ourselves in our customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • Done In 1, offers guaranteed residential and commercial painting services, backed up by our warranty.
  • Our customers have the luxury and convenience of booking estimates by calling our first rate sales center or online with our real time booking software.

You can expect our Customer Support Team to follow up with you after your estimate as been completed in order to assist you with any additional questions regarding your service. You can also expect the same follow up 12 months into the warranty to ensure you are satisfied with your painting project, as well as a box of cookies, a house warming gift for your new (or newly modified) home.

It’s another example of Done In 1 commitment to provide customer service unmatched in the painting industry.


Our best Franchise Partners are aggressive, hungry to make money, strong leaders, results oriented and excited about long-term growth. We are not looking for laborers, but business builders!

  • Do you have what it takes to own your own business? To build a profitable operation? To be a part of an international success story?
  • Why do YOU want to own your own business? Money? Lifestyle? Independence?
  • Have you always wanted to run your own show – to lead the charge with focused execution, tight accountability and frequent celebration?
  • Are you a high energy, results driven leader. People on our team know we play to win. When the goal is clear, you don’t let anything get in our way. You develop your people to be their best and to work hard to grow your business – to believe in and realize the possibilities set.
  • Do you have a vision of being a part of something – of leading a team towards building something much bigger together than any one of us could have built alone.
  • Are you looking to put your sales and marketing passion to work to help grow a brand an industry that has never before experienced exceptional customer service.

We have 5 main requirements that you will need in order to be successful in a Done in 1 Franchise.

  •  Sales and marketing experience/aptitude
  •  Management and leadership experience
  •  A minimum of $100K in liquid capital
  •  A full time commitment
  •  An immediate time frame


Minimum Capital Requirement: $100,000

Franchise Fees:                                                

Franchise Fee per Exclusive Territory (150,000 households): $35,000

Each Additional Exclusive Territory (150,000 households): $27,300

ALERT: Master franchise opportunities available in select areas. Please contact us early to avoid disappointment.

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