Frequently Asked Questions About iFranchiseNews.com

Q: What is iFranchiseNews.com?
A: iFranchiseNews.com is a leading franchise industry focused online news and press release distribution service that is a member of the ModernFranchises.com Network.

Q: What is the goal of iFranchiseNews.com?
A: The goal of iFranchiseNews.com is to affordably offer franchise-centric businesses the ability to create and distribute online press releases about their company thus raising brand awareness, community involvement and create an effective conduit between the Franchisor and potential future Franchisees.

Q: Why is iFranchiseNews.com so effective?
A: iFranchiseNews.com is effective because:

  1. It reaches the general public, other businesses and potential franchisees
  2. iFranchiseNews.com is easy, fast, affordable and intuitive
  3. iFranchiseNews.com is 100% franchise focused
  4. Visitors to a specific press release may utilize the Fast Franchise Information Form located directly on the press release to request more information about that particular franchise (note: available on approximately 80% of press releases)

Q: What is the cost to publish and send an iFranchiseNews.com press release?
A: Our most popular press release, The Standard Press Release Package includes 1 image if desired and is priced at only $19.99 (or less) per press release. We also offer The Featured Press Release Package for only $49.99 (or less) per press release. You may learn more about our press release programs here.

Q: How is iFranchiseNews.com better than other news distribution services? 
A: iFranchiseNews.com is better because:

  1. It saves time, resources and money
  2. It reaches the franchise market
  3. iFranchiseNews.com is franchise-centric meaning that a franchise does not have to worry about “competing” with non-franchise companies for the attention of users.
  4. Franchise lead generation forms are directly incorporated into the franchise press release

Q: Whom do I contact if I have a question about the content of a particular press release?
A: You may use the contact form or other contact information that is incorporated into the actual press release.

Q: Where can I learn more about creating online press releases with iFranchiseNews.com?
A: To learn more about iFranchiseNews.com press release services please visit the Press Release Information Page.

Q: How do I ask questions that are not addressed here?
A: You may use the contact form below to ask your specific questions. We are looking forward to working with you.

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