Fitness Boot Camp Franchise Fit Body Boot Camp Awards Announced – 26 Excellence and Achievement Awards Given to Franchise Owners

Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s largest boot camp franchise organization, rewards excellence and achievement to 26 high performing Fit Body Boot Camp franchise owners.

Chino Hills, California — March 27, 2012

Bedros Keuilian, the creator of and a range of fitness marketing products and services for fitness professionals all over the world, has just recognized a total of 26 Fit Body Boot Camp owners in the Fit Body Boot Camp Awards for 2012. Fit Body Boot Camp was co-founded by Bedros Keuilian, who runs the PTPower website, the world’s premiere fitness marketing resource site for personal trainers. He is also the president of Fit Body Boot Camp.

“We gave out the awards at the Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference,” said Bedros Keuilian. “This is an annual event where Fit Body Boot Camp owners learn about new cutting edge training systems and boot camp marketing systems to grow their business. They also learn nutrition information that can help them to enhance the service they provide for their clients.”

The 26 Fit Body Boot Camp owners received the awards based on several factors. These included the degree of growth in their businesses, the services offered to clients, the results they have gained and their overall achievements.

“We’re really proud of the folks who own and operate Fit Body Boot Camp locations,” Bedros Keuilian added. “Each and every day these folks are changing lives and helping their communities embrace health and fitness.”

The Fit Body Boot Camp franchise was launched back in May 2009. Since then it has grown to become the fastest growing fitness boot camp business. It now has more than 200 locations worldwide, providing client-centric services to help them live the lives they desire.

“The whole boot camp idea started from a vision,” added Bedros. “Not only did myself and Steve Hochman – my co-creator in the Fit Body Boot Camp business – realize there was an opening for such a business, we were approached by lots of trainers who wanted something just like it to help them build a successful business. It’s great to be able to turn around and reward these people for their hard work and dedication to the industry. That’s what the Fitness Boot Camp Franchise Fit Body Boot Camp Awards are all about.”

The Fitness Boot Camp Franchise Fit Body Boot Camp Awards have been created by Bedros Keuilian, creator of and the Fit Body Boot Camp. The awards have been designed to acknowledge achievements and excellence in the franchise owners in the business. More information about the awards and the Boot Camp Marketing that is available for personal trainers can be found by visiting

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