Franchisor Interview Form

If you are a Franchisor, you may submit the following form to us for possible publication to our readers. We will not publish your interview/survey until we have provided you a copy for your approval. The Franchisor Interview may include any of the personnel of your corporate office. We encourage you to write your interview in a conversational, informative style and try to avoid “brochure” type responses. We reserve the right to edit your interview prior to publication and at anytime thereafter as material information may be subject to change. You will approve these guidelines with your signature at the bottom of this form. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you.

Please try to avoid marketing brochure type responses. Try to envision person to person direct communication.
I am authorized and qualified to submit this interview on behalf of the above referenced company. I understand that this information may be modified or edited prior to publication. I understand that I will be contacted and provided a copy of this interview prior to publication on the network.