iPads Going To The Dogs: The Dogs Love Running! Pet Care Franchise Implements iPads Into Training And Daily Operations

The Dogs Love Running! pet care franchise now utilizes iPads in multiple areas of their dog running/walking and pet sitting business, from training to field work and everything in between.

Lisle, IL — June 29, 2012 – The Dogs Love Running! pet care franchise is bringing dog walking and pet sitting into the 21st century. By using iPads, the company is now helping franchisees learn faster and be more efficient.

“We’re excited to have iPads helping us to do things better and faster” says company president, John Reh. “We’ve been able to implement iPad use into many different areas of our business.”

When franchisors do initial training for new franchisees, they typically provide a lengthy printed manual. But Dogs Love Running! has taken this a step further and completely rewritten their manual for the iPad. “We’ve not only rewritten the former content, but also added a lot of new content as well”, says John. “We can now include more visuals, such as more full-color photos, diagrams, and even movies. Plus, we can embed links and other digital resources right into the pages so people never have to leave the manual to get the information they’re looking for.”

Dogs Love Running! is the only pet franchise in the nation that specializes in dog running and pet exercise. While many businesses in their industry are often run on a part-time basis and relatively unsophisticated in their approach, Dogs Love Running! has worked hard to push the boundaries of what a traditional dog walking and pet sitting service can be.

“With our business model and operational processes, this can be a very full-time job. Our franchisee business owners can have a lot on their plate and using the iPad in the field is increasing our efficiency.”

By offering franchisees the unique and valuable opportunity to utilize iPads during the work day, they can better document client requests with video, photos, and notes, which can all be incorporated into the online customer relationship management system that they use.

In addition, if any staff members are out in the field and need to obtain details about a certain client, the client’s pet, or other related items, they can easily use an iPad to access the information they need on wi-fi or off of cellular data wherever they may be.

The company founder says that “We love what we do and we’re always looking for more ways to make this business faster, easier, and more convenient for us, our franchisees, our staff, and our customers. The iPad helps us do all these things and more.”

About Dogs Love Running!

We’re a fun and exciting home-based pet franchise opportunity where our franchisees can make a real business out of combining their passions for working with animals, living a healthy lifestyle, and making a worthwhile difference in the world. For more information, visit http://www.dogsloverunning.com/franchising or contact John Reh at 1-877-738-7786.


John Reh
Dogs Love Running!

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