Kona Ice franchisee testimonials

“I love the day in and day out joy of seeing the kids run to the truck.”
Charlie Smoot, Kona Ice Franchisee

“The surprises with Kona is that it branded immediately.  The kids were happy, the community is happy and, of course, being a franchise owner that makes you ecstatic.”
Kelly Hunt, Kona Ice Franchisee

“We were looking for a company that had a good vision, that was exciting and it was fun, and Kona has met all those expectations and more.”
Bill & Clint Lyons, Kona Ice Franchisee

“It was a lot easier to sell than I had imagined it would be.  I have hardly ever had anyone turn me down when I asked them for their business.” 
Charles Love, Kona Ice Franchisee

“I expected a lot of help from Kona but my dreams of that have been far surpassed.”
 Kim Brown, Kona Ice Franchisee

“We practically paid off our yearly royalty in a 5 hour Sunday afternoon event”
Megan Stevenson, Kona Ice Franchisee

“Thank you for dreaming this up, making it work, and offering it up to us lucky franchisees.  Thank you for being there to solve problems, soothe fears, and encourage innovations.  Thank you for being family – people you can count on no matter what.  I know that I can present any issue or idea and be taken seriously and compassionately… You will dream with me until we get to the next level.”
Meredith Stevenson, Kona Ice Franchisee

“Our expectations have been more than met. What we bring to children, and the experience, is completely different than anything that they’ve done before.” 
Eric Wright, Kona Ice Franchisee

“Kona was everything we were looking for.  It was colorful, it was exciting.. people come up to the truck happy and go away happier.” 
Jim & Sharon Sweeney Kona Ice Franchisee

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