New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Franchisee Testimonials

“Before deciding on New Horizons, I took a long hard look at the options. You invest in people, and the power of New Horizons is the network of people who have established many successful New Horizons operations based on a proven sales process and strong global partnerships. Our operation was up and running in three months and operating profitably after nine months. Without New Horizons, it would take anyone starting up several years to establish themselves as a recognized learning provider.”
Liam McMahon, Owner, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Franchisee of Ireland

“With New Horizons undisputed capabilities in providing high-end training and ensuring the most effective transfer of skills through its Integrated Learning™ approach, it is only logical that New Horizons will be the driving force in meeting the new and changing requirements of today’s workforce. I would definitely say that the future of I.T. belongs to specialists, and New Horizons is uniquely positioned to take the fullest advantage of this opportunity.”
Ajay Kumar Sharma, President & CEO, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Franchisee, India 

“As a franchisee, I can concentrate on what makes me the most money: developing sales talent and closing business. New Horizons Corporate negotiates deals with vendors, constantly looking over the horizon for what is new or next for the training market. This relationship empowers me to be as successful as I want to be by providing all the tools necessary for my success.”
Tim Broom, Owner, General Manager, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Franchisee, Gainesville, Florida, USA

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