Pillar To Post Franchisee Testimonials

“The biggest challenge when I was starting out as a Pillar To Post franchise owner was my fear of the unknown. Would the system that I just bought really work? It has! From the training to the marketing materials and the plan for marketing to real estate professionals, Pillar To Post provides a proven system of success when properly implemented. An added bonus is the network of Franchise Partners with whom I can share business ideas.
My wife and I looked at several different inspection franchise opportunities – Pillar To Post really had it together. We now have employees who truly care about our home inspection clients, and we have clients who refer their friends and family. Pillar To Post has provided the platform for us to build a large home inspection business with a name that people know and trust.”
Tom Capuano – West Chester, Ohio, USA – Pillar to Post Franchisee since 1997

“I have been up and running for 1 year and have surpassed my initial business goals for number of inspections, growth, and income. After implementing the Pillar To Post marketing program, the numbers have consistently increased to the point where I can no longer handle all of the home inspection requests myself. I am bringing on 2 new employees to help with the workload and Pillar To Post’s support in the hiring process has been awesome. I have been extremely pleased with the Pillar To Post support and training. Coupled with the credibility and national recognition of the franchise, I have the potential for greater success than I ever realized when I first started out.

Success to me means a profitable business that allows me to enjoy quality time with my wife and 4-year-old twins. I really missed out on family time when I was at my previous job as a sales manager. Pillar To Post allows me to work for myself, but not by myself, while I build this successful business that provides for our family.”
Sam Leslie – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – Pillar to Post Franchisee since 2004

“Owning our own business was a huge change for us. We both had high stress careers in the defense industry working long hours and with little time to spend with family. Now we answer to no one but ourselves. Everything we do, everything we accomplish, benefits our family and us. We absolutely love being able to work together in our Pillar To Post home inspection business and we haven’t looked back!

When we purchased our Pillar To Post franchise, we had to work very hard; it takes a lot of legwork and dedication to get started. It helped that we were able to start building our business right away on a name that gave us instant recognition and credibility. One of our biggest challenges was getting real estate professionals to take a chance on the “new guys” in town; but once they did, they realized that they were working with the premier home inspection franchise in North America.”
Kelly and Mikelle Cox – Melbourne, Florida, USA – Pillar to Post Franchisee since 2003

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