PuroClean franchisee testimonials

“There is such a demand in this industry, that’s why I chose PuroClean. I’ve always wanted to be in business for myself. I thought I’d be running a software company, given that is my background. But, the more I looked at this opportunity, the more I recognized that the risk is low and the industry is recession-proof, which is very attractive, especially in times like this where we’re fighting off a recession as I speak. What’s most attractive to me is that the recipe for failure is very easy to avoid, but the recipe for success is just laid out for you in a way that you can easily follow it, step by step. By just following their program, you’ll be making some money and helping some people at the same time.”  Ryan Smith PuroClean Franchisee (PuroClean Emergency Services Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

“We’re in a unique business that is both financially and personally rewarding. My customers come to me at a time of loss, and I have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. I do this by restoring their property and also by restoring their sense of security and their peace of mind. And, I make money doing it.”  Todd Pulley PuroClean Franchisee (Owns four PuroClean offices throughout New Jersey and Delaware) 

“My wife & I bought our PuroClean franchise after a good amount of research and comparison to other franchise options. PuroClean stood out from the rest regarding unlimited income opportunity and growth potential. The freedom that the PuroClean model allows, while providing the supporting structure, systems, and training we needed to start a successful restoration company was a no-brainer. Since opening the doors of our business, we have grown substantially year after year.”   Robert Cline PuroClean Franchisee (PuroClean Fire & Water Damage Recovery Cameron Park, California)

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