Sylvan Learning franchisee testimonials

“The Sylvan corporation itself is a phenomenal vessel to work with. They help us with training, they help us with the educational programs which are extremely sound and compatible with every state, including Canada. We receive continual training, continual updates. And, as a franchisee, we are allowed to contribute our ideas with the corporation. We work in an extremely good situation, which I call a great partnership.”
– Nancy Valiseck, Sylvan Franchisee, New Jersey

“After almost 23 years in the supplemental education business…my dream has come true! After helping hundreds of franchisees be successful in this business, I am building my own successful business by building a strong team that believes in the Sylvan product, sells and delivers our services with great passion, and knows that as a team with a common goal we can only achieve success.”
– Nisey Sebak, Sylvan Franchisee, Ohio

“One very important element in being a franchise owner with Sylvan to us is that it allows us to be an entrepreneur. We like the freedom. We’re only limited by our own creativity and passion. If we come up with a really great way to do something…we have the support of a corporate office that will walk that walk with us. So, there’s a little bit of a safety net in there, but it still allows us to pursue these interests.”
– Gail and Dave Smith, Sylvan Franchisees, Washington

“I think a successful franchisee is someone that really believes in the system…it takes an individual whose passionate and driven and has the ability to multi-task. It does take a dynamic individual to be successful.”
– Susan Fairbairn, Sylvan Franchisee, Texas and New Mexico

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