The Up and Coming Franchise, Sombrero Mexican Food, Reveals What Happens When Chains Go Franchise, in March’s Issue of Food & Drink Digital

SAN DIEGO, CA–  March 29, 2012 — Every local restaurant chain dreams of one day going national, or even global. Some chains go about it independently while others franchise, forging partnerships to grow and achieve the dream. Many well-known franchises have been following that business model for decades, but new franchises emerge every year. What’s the world like for a baby franchise on the rise? In this month’s issue of Food and Drink Digital we chat with Ozzie Garcia, Director of Franchise Development at Sombrero Mexican Food, about new developments and challenges sincethe chain decided to make the transition to franchise one year ago.

“We knew that our customers in San Diego loved us – they’ve been saying that since the late sixties,” says Garcia. “We just got to the point where we had so many people ask: ‘when are you going to open up in our neck of the woods? When are you going to open up out of state?’ So we finally said: ‘let’s do the franchise program, and let’s take the brand national.'”

To learn about how Sombrero is weathering the franchise challenge one year in, check out the full article:

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